1st October 2019

List of documents to import merchandise successfully

Documentation to import from Alibaba or any other way You are probably reading this article because you are thinking or have already decided to import a product. Currently, it is relatively easy to buy products anywhere in the world, platforms such as Alibaba greatly facilitate this process, but if you […]
4th April 2018
aniversario de grupaje

IV anniversary of Grupaje Express our AE service

In 2014 we started our consolidated express freight service between Spain and Equatorial Guinea, transporting all types of cargo, companies or people who do not require a full container, our customers can deliver their products in our warehouses in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona or Bilbao, or we pick it up anywhere […]
24th January 2018

Characteristics, advantages and types of vessels in the maritime transport of goods

En el ámbito del comercio internacional, el transporte marítimo de mercancías es el modo más utilizado comúnmente para trasladar productos de un país a otro. Actualmente, se estima que aproximadamente el 80% del total de las mercancías transportadas en todo el mundo se hace por vía marítima, tanto si hablamos […]
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