With KANVEL your cargo flies in first class!

Immediate response, safety and detailed information from the beginning to the end of each shipment of export and import, that is the daily job of our air traffic executives.

We offer the best rates for general cargo and with extra measurements, with experience in handling of perishable and dangerous wares.

KANVEL in all the seas of the world!

We embark with navy lines of regular service, containers, stolen merchandise, conventional and engineering projects, from and to any country of the world.

Proven experience in shipments of Big Volume and tonnage, projects of engineering, heavy machinery and with extra measures.

With KANVEL, everything rolls smoothly

We pick up and deliver your product in Door-Door conditions, in full trucks and partial cargo for dry cargo, refrigerated cargo and dangerous products, with daily services to every point in Spain and the outside through our network of agents.

Canvas trucks, trailers, cranes, gondola platforms, self-supporting trucks for containers, etc, all the mediums necessary at your disposal.

Your cargo cannot be in better hands!

Homologated logistic ships, up-to-date with all the security measures, through our collaborators in all the Spanish territory to guarantee the best storage and manipulation of your cargo in great conditions at any given time.

Storage, manipulation, classification, deconsolidation and distribution, conditioning, loading into containers, for general, perishable and dangerous cargo. 3.500m² in Madrid; 15.000 m² in Valencia; 4.000 m² in Bilbao and 4.500m² in Barcelona, capacity, experience and proactive attitude to your service.

Complex products?…Do not worry, we take care of everything!

Nationalization and import and export clearance in the whole Spanish territory, with different customs procedures:

– Nationalization (consumption)
– Free practice
– Transits in national territory
– Exports and imports in temporary regimes
– Warranty


We like challenges!

And carrying them out, we do not care how big or complex your project can get, we analyze it and verify viable options for the transport, stowage, we negotiate chartering conditions, transit times, loading and finally, we take responsibility for the integral coordination of the chain of international transport.

Equatorial Guinea, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Algeria, Peru, Mexico, Cameroon, Ecuador, etc., these are some of the countries in which we have already successfully developed projects.

Travel with no worries…

We pack, condition and catalog one by one each of your and your family’s belongings, or the different materials and equipment of companies, with packaging products, specific for each need, and we transport them in ‘’Door-Door’’ conditions by land, sea and air to any country.

We make your presentations profitable!

Reception and transportation of the samples and merchandise, precision in the timings of entrance to the fairgrounds, assembly, mounting, disassembly and re-exportation of the samples to any country in the world.

What do you need?

Get support from us and our global network of agents to obtain information about costs, duty, requirements and procedures, etc.

Tell us about your project, we are certain that we can help you.