What is it?

It is an exclusive product for WCA associates, we receive your exportations, we ship them to customs and we deliver them to the consignee in Spain, we guarantee quality, security and really competitive rates. We are specialists, we do it daily!

How does it work?
We adapt to the expectations of our WCA agents, we make every shipping into a positive and retable experience for our agent, for your clients and, of course, for us, if you win we win as well!

Schedules, we are operative since 5:00 am, we answer immediately, our objective is to get your client to receive your offer first.

Strategic placement, we are in the neuralgic center of logistics in Madrid, our offices and warehouses are 5 minutes away from Madrid’s air cargo center, all the Handling and airlines are concentrated there, spanish customs and a variety of services, our units are able to travel permanently between the airport and our warehouse, speeding up the logistic process.

Operative, as soon as we receive your instructions and a copy of the AWB, we notify the consignee and coordinate the necessary arrangements to immediately proceed with customs clearance once the wares arrive, both our agent and the final consignee are permanently notified about the status of the delivery, once the wares are delivered we send the delivery receipt to the agent.

Rates, we have optimized each and every one of the factors that intervine in our logistic process and have integrated the best companies in logistics services to our logistic network, guaranteeing quality, safety and really competitive rates. Our objective is for you to have winning rates and a different service, and we have accomplished that. Allow us to demonstrate it, ask for a quote at wcapartners@kanvel.com , we will answer immediately.

What other services can we offer?
DDP deliveries, cash on delivery, tagging, desconsolidation of loads, special deliveries to fairs, if you require a specific operation, let us know and we will attend you.

With DAP Delivery Spain, you have a logistics office in Spain!

WCA contact:


WhatsApp: 0034672228255